Harding Township Educational Foundation


Recent Grants

Story Telling Arts:

Bringing stories and story telling to the classroom.  Understanding that literacy and effective communication skills are vital components of a child's productive future, both socially and economically, the program provided our students a uniquely effective way to enhance their storytelling skills and to build the social capital children need to reach their full potential.

Graphic Novels:

Introduced to all the visual storytelling tools unique to comics while providing them with creative strategies to find their unique voice.  Using examples from comics they know and love, students are introduced to fundamental concepts such as word balloons, complex facial emotions, body language and panel sequences.  The workshop is designed to support Common Core Standards.

Project Memoir:

A dynamic 4 day in school creative writing residency teaches young people how to write descriptively, powerfully and deeply about some of the most important moments of their lives.

Pages to Player:

Affords students the opportunity to explore a Shakespeare play in all dimensions, from reading and discussion to rehearsal and performance.

Mosaic Mural:

Students collaborate to create a lasting work of art for their school.  From design to creation the students go through each step of the creative process exploring a variety of techniques.

Circus Yoga:

Blends the practice of yoga with the skills of circus. Yoga teaches us how to be aware of our bodies in action while Circus is a culture of inclusion and celebration that teaches us how remarkable we can be in our bodies.  Through the exploration each class will co-create a performance act.

The Harding Township Educational Foundation's primary mission is to raise money from private sources to sponsor programs which enrich the academic curriculum of the Harding Township School

Since 1996 the HTEF has been supporting programs that are consistent with the school's curriculum, but extend beyond the regular budget

The HTEF strives to fund grants that are diverse across the core curriculum - Math, Language Arts, Social Sciences, etc.